Electrical Upgrades & Remodels in Pasco, WA

fuse panelPlanning on remodeling your home? Having constant, daily troubles with your electrical that need to be resolved? Desert Star Electric, Inc. is ready to provide you with a complete range of electrical services in Pasco, WA to support your home upgrade, remodel or retrofit. We’ll make sure your electrical is modern and supportive to your home or business’ needs.

We focus on identifying areas of your electrical system that need to be improved or modernized, including integral areas like the central panel, the installation of high-amp breakers, LED lighting retrofits and more.

Panel Upgrades

One of the cornerstones of electrical remodeling in Pasco, WA is upgrading your panels and breaker boxes. As we add more modern appliances and electrical gadgets to our homes, the power draw requirements go up. Updating your panel to accommodate these increased energy needs is important and can keep you from tripping breakers or blowing fuses. We perform panel upgrades to make sure your panels are up to the task of supporting your energy needs.

  • Electrical panel, subpanel and circuit breaker retrofitting
  • Re-wiring—complete or partial
  • Adherence to building and safety codes

Remodeling and Retrofitting

fuse panel

Paneling isn’t the only place to consider electrical upgrades in your home or business. There’s a whole host of electrical updates that can be made, to improve your quality of life and the convenience of your electrical system. Some of the chief remodeling and retrofitting services we offer include:

  • Electrical lighting retrofitting, dimmer switches and control panels
  • Adding wiring systems for new installations
  • Low voltage lighting and LED conversions
  • Swimming pool electrical updates and retrofitting
  • Modern hot water boiler installation, wiring retrofits

Update Your Electrical

If your home or business’ electrical systems aren’t supporting your day-to-day demands, it’s time to think about updating. Desert Star Electric, Inc. will gladly provide you with all of the upgrades, remodels and retrofits you need to use your electrical confidently. Contact us today at 509-544-0484.