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Pasco Electrical FAQ

At Desert Star Electric, Inc., we happily help small businesses and citizens of Richland, Kennewick and the Pasco, WA areas with many electrical service needs. We are a fully accredited, licensed and bonded electrical contractor whose expertise comes in handy for electrical remodels, service panel upgrades and all types of service and repair calls for residential homes, including manufactured, mobile and modular homes. Over the years providing devoted electrical contracting services to businesses and citizens in the Richland, Kennewick and the Pasco, WA areas, we have run across some common questions that we have listed answer to here for your convenience. We hope this helps, if not, give us a call and we'll do what we can to solve your electrical problem.

Q. My circuit went out but nothing tripped. I thought my breaker was supposed to trip if that happened?

Sounds like you have a bad connection somewhere. The entire circuit would stop working in the case of connection point at the breaker. The bad connection leaves an open charge involving less than the entire circuit because something along the circuit, the outlet for example, has failed. You should have an electrician troubleshoot your system immediately.

Q. Is it important to have a licensed, professional electrician wire my pool and my hot tub? It doesn't seem that complex. Do the electrical wires even come into play with the water?

Absolutely it's important. For the past 15 years, the number 2 cause of death and serious injury behind drowning in pools has been death and serious injury from electrocution. Problems with faulty underwater lighting, old, outdated electrical wiring, pumps and vacuums that aren't properly grounded can be fatal if they are not properly installed, maintained and inspected. So not only should you use a skilled electrician to install your wiring, you should have them inspect it each year.

Q. How easy is it to replace switches and outlets? Can I do this in my home with little or no prblems?

Is it possible, yes, is it easy, absolutely no, especially if you are not extremely familiar with electricity, wiring, electrical code and electrical safety procedures. In most cases if you get the switch or outlet installed, unless you really know what you are doing, they won't work properly. Even if everything does work when you first turn the power back on, faulty wiring can lead to serious problems down the road. Give us a call, we'll take care of it for you quickly and affordably and save you all the hassle and potential problems.

Q. What is different about a mobile home as far as electric wiring goes? Should I hire an electrician or try upgrading and installing outlets myself on my mobile home.

A. Mobile homes have to adhere to the same code as most stick built homes since 1976, however, there are still some differences. First off, in older mobile homes, they used aluminum wiring. If you're not familiar with this, we'd definitely suggest an electrician. Also, mobile homes are constructed in a factory and the wires are ran through the walls from top down, which can make it tricky to isolate loose wiring, bad wiring and problem wiring. Unless you are trained in electricity, using an electrician familiar with mobile, modular and manufactured homes is generally recommended. Remember, using an elecrtical contractor might cost some cash out of pocket, but messing up a simple, cheap repair could cost you a tremendous amount in repairs, damages, and even to to your health.